Dead Sea

Vital Statistics

Name: Dead Sea

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The Dead Sea is a large, rancid body of sickly, thick, green water that rests in the southern end of the Plain of Sorrow. This sea was once a life spring before it was corrupted by some unknown force that destroyed it and the ancient forest surrounding it.

Nothing living resides in the Dead Sea, although several demons and undead creatures make their homes beneath its toxic waters, venturing out only to seek fresh souls to feed their ravenous appetites.

Features/Places of Note

The beaches surrounding the sea are composed of the same, thick, ruddy, fine dirt as the rest of the Plain of Sorrow, although here it is much moister, sticks in larger clumps and in some places acts as a heavy quicksand, actually pulling people as much as three feet down and making it nearly impossible for most to extricate themselves without assistance.