Plain Of Sorrow

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Name: Plain of Sorrow

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The Plane of Sorrow is the name given to the area east of the Uraval Mountains. The entire area is collectively known as the dark side of Kalijor but the Plane of Sorrow is its actual name. This region is enormous, and featureless. It is covered in a thick, reddish-orange silt-like material that is just moist enough to stick to everything, but doesn’t carry enough moisture to actually prove useful for anything. There are several species of crawling weeds and tangling vines that creep across the surface of the plane but they too are good for nothing but tripping up unfortunate travelers in the area. In the northern area of the plane stands the lonely volcano, at the base of which is the city of Bête Noire. In the south is the Dead Sea and somewhere in the center of the region is one of the five ziggurats of Kalijor, and an ancient castle that has been claimed by an ancient arch lich. The Plane of Sorrow is crawling with undead creatures of every sort from zombies to skeletons, ghouls, ghasts, wraiths, and similar. No travelers are ever safe anywhere within the region at any time.

The Plain of Sorrow is a dreary, inhospitable region that is covered in a fine, ruddy orange dirt that is just moist enough to stick to everything a traveler owns, but not so moist as to be of any use for the reclamation of water. Nothing edible grows here and the land is almost completely flat with only the occasional swell to the ground, although most are not even tall enough to obscure a traveler’s line of sight, insuring that they can always see the far-off, bleak, dark, foreboding horizon.

Features/Places of Note

There is almost no small game here although the occasional creeping weed or shrub may attract some tiny rodents to its roots, since its leaves are completely inedible. This terrain goes on for thousands of miles and is only broken up by the occasional landmark.

In the northeastern part of the Plain of Sorrow stands the ominous mountain of Bête Noire with its patron city sprawled around its base. Somewhere in the northwestern are of the region stand the ruined pyramids of some ancient, lost civilization, now inhabited by their undead remains.

In the south of the region is the desiccated remains of a once great forest that surrounds the Dead Sea.

It is rumored that somewhere in the middle of this horrid place lay two landmarks of significance, one being the castle of the Lich King, the other being an ancient temple of unknown origin and pupose.