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Name: Talanor

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Talanor is the home of Kalijor’s Dwarves and Gnomes. It is a city that is carved out of the belly of Mount Telemon to the north of Rathalon, between the snowy Northern and Southern Wastes. The city maintains a constant level of lighting and temperature day and night, year round which makes it uncomfortable for most surface-dwelling people to handle on a continuous basis. Talanor is home to some of Kalijor’s most highly celebrated craftsmen across several disciplines, blacksmithing, jewelry crafting, tattooing, piercing, and invention/innovation. The city houses hundreds of thousands of long-term citizens as well as thousands of transients on any given day and is the gateway into the old mines where the ancient Dwarven city of Kal’ek T’nal, long abandoned since the great war.

Talanor is the subterranean city located within Mt. Tellamon far to the north of Rathalon, across the frosty Southern Wastes.

Talanor is a large city, playing home to nearly a million sentients, mostly dwarves and gnomes. It is the home of most of Kalijor’s best craftsmen, especially in the fields of metallurgy and geology.

Features/Places of Note

The construction techniques of Talanor vary but most structures are made from stone and other forms of masonry, most of which has been excavated from the local mines that open into the city along its periphery. The city is housed mostly within one central chamber that is massive in scale, with its ceiling high enough that it is out of sight of most races, disappearing into the darkness and haze that blankets the top of the cavern.

Major features of the city include the forge, the arena, and the dojo.

The forge is a massive building housing hundreds of forges and foundries. This is the place to go if you are looking for any blacksmithed equipment, most of which is of exceptional quality as the forge is operated by some of the best dwarven and gnomish smiths in Kalijor.

The arena is one of the largest public arenas in Kalijor. Its bouts are famous for being fairly officiated and well documented.

The dojo is a large structure with one large, central room and numerous outlying rooms, each of which is set up as a training facility for martial artists. The dojo is renowned throughout Kalijor as the premier training location for martial artists and is home to some of the most highly regarded masters alive today.

There is a small portal chamber in Talanor connecting it to Rathalon through the Kalijor portal network.


Government in Talanor is almost nonexistent. The city is governed by a confederation of craftsmen that make policy decisions through debate over drinks in local taverns.

There is a local militia that is peopled by the instructors from the dojo who take rotating shifts as guards at the main gates and other populace locations such as the market and the arena.