Southern Plain Of Serenity

Vital Statistics

Name: Southern Plain of Serenity

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The Southern Plane of Serenity rests between the southern edge of the Forest of Brume and the Northern edge of the Burning Expanse. On its western edge is the great sea and to the East is the Uraval Mountain’s southern tip and the great stone tree that is home to the city of Avian. The Southern Plane of Serenity is much like the grasslands to the north except that it is less well patrolled and thusly several predators call the area home, including several varieties of large cats, some small bears and numerous clans of goblins. Much less developed than the Northern Planes, this area is covered with rich, arable land that goes largely unused, although not completely as a few homesteads have been set up to take advantage of the land. The roads here are well maintained and well traveled, although not by patrolling guards so there is the occasional attack on travelers although it is not common.

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