Uraval Mountains

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Name: Uraval Mountains

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The Uraval Mountains are a range of extremely high, sheer-walled peaks that runs from the City of Rathalon (which is carved from the head of the mountain range), southward to Avian, dividing Kalijor cleanly in half and separating the light side and the dark side with an impassable wall of solid stone.

The range is several miles wide and a thousand miles long and anyone who has ever attempted to climb it in any way, has either turned back before they get anywhere near the summit, fallen to their death, or disappeared and is never seen again.

The only known exception to this is the Cohai Pass, a narrow ravine with a steep incline that leads from the floor of the Forest of Brume on the range’s western edge up and around to the Cohai Observatory high above Kalijor. However even this pass is fraught with danger as it is infested with gargoyles almost from end to end.

It is rumored in some circles that somewhere on the southern tip of the Uraval Mountains, at the peak of the range, beneath the massive, areal city of Avian, is a deep, wide valley. The valley, if it exists, is rumored to be populated by giants that are none too excited about any form of visitors.

It is also said that somewhere in the Uraval mountains is the hidden, stronghold city of the enigmatic Obscuri, called Onoba. It is also widely held that the Obscuri are the reason that no one ever comes back from the Uraval Mountain’s peaks.

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