Plain Of Serenity

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Name: Plain of Serenity

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The Plane of Serenity is a huge expanse of grasslands that lay to the west of Rathalon and north of the Forest of Brume. These grasslands play host to most of the agriculture that feeds the many citizens of Rathalon. There are a few goblins that make their home on the western edge of the plane in a small tangled forest that surrounds a dilapidated old stone tower, but otherwise the area is free of most predators and well patrolled by the Rathalon guard. Roads through the region are extremely well maintained and patrolled. Hundreds of families live in the region, mostly near the city walls. To the north of the Plane of Serenity is the frosty Southern Wastes and to the south lay the northern edge of the ancient Forest of Brume.

The Plain of Serenity is a vast, open expanse of lush, green grassland that stretches as far as the eye can see in most directions. The Plain of serenity is actually broken down into two different plains, The Northern Plain of Serenity and the Southern Plain of Serenity.

The Northern Plain of Serenity borders Rathalon’s western gate and stretches Westward from there to the Watery Expanse. Its northern edge connects with the Gelid Mountains which divide the Plain of Serenity from the Southern Wastes. Far to the south is the Forest of Brume.

The Southern Plain of Serenity stretches from the Forest of Brume on its northern edge to the Burning Expanse on its southern edge and from the Uraval Mountains on its eastern edge out to the Watery Expanse in the west.

Features/Places of Note

In the Northern Plain of Serenity, near the western edge is a thick, gnarly forest that is comprised mostly of tangled, vine-like trees that create a nearly impassable obstacle for most travelers. This forest is known as the Twisted Wood.

In the Northern Plain of Serenity, in the southwest corner is an enormous, stone, cauldron-like structure known as The Arena.

Also in the Northern Plain of Serenity, running for more than a mile near the center of the area is a long, narrow fissure or crack that is one of the ways to access the extensive complex of caverns below the surface of Kalijor.

The Southern Plain of Serenity is peppered along its eastern edge with relatively thin foresting and is famous for the many varieties of wild game and great hunting cats that call it home.