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Name: Pandoria

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Pandoria is a city that was created in a pocket dimension. The only way to get to Pandoria is by one of the two portals that connect it to Kalijor. One is in the great portal chamber in Rathalon and the other is a larger portal that is deep within the forest of Brume . The city itself is grown into a forest of massive hardwood trees that are magically grown and shaped by Druids to suit the needs of the city and its inhabitants. All of the trees are living, breathing trees that range in size from five-hundred to two-thousand feet in diameter and miles high. The floor of the forest is covered in a soft, short bladed grass that is cool and comfortable, and in the center of the tree city is a lake of crystal clear, warm water. The boughs of the trees have been magically woven into roads and ramps that lead up and down, and from tree to tree creating an elaborate web of ramps and access ways that can be difficult to navigate for a newcomer to the city. Pandoria is a monarchy; the ruling family is a line of elves that can trace their lineage back to the creation of Kalijor, millennia ago. Their family name is Reyals and they have always been kind, benevolent rulers, well liked by the people of the city.

Pandoria is something of an enigma in the world of Kalijor. Largely because it is not actually ~in~ the world of kalijor. Pandoria is the last remaining organized elven city and it has been created inside a small pocket dimension that exists outside of Kalijor. There is a large permanent portal in the Forest of Brume that allows two-way travel to and from Pandoria.

Features/Places of Note

The city of Pandoria is grown into and on a forest of immense trees. Trees that are so large that it could take the better part of a day to walk around the base of one. The ground around the trees is carpeted with soft, well-manicured, lush, green grass and in the center of the city is a large lake with crystal clear water where the children of the city play daily.

The temperature is always comfortable and the light during the day is bright, but filtered through the leaves of the great trees, far overhead. The weather is always mild with occasional soft, warm rain showers.

The city itself is grown into and onto the surface of the trees through the use of druidic magic. This is done without harming the trees and the people of the city live in harmony with their environment. The branches of the trees have been grown and woven together to form walkways and roads between the trees. There are merchant ‘tents’ grown into the bark of the trees and along the branches/roadways and gentle slopes leading up and down to the various levels of the city, and eventually down to ground level.

On one side of the lake in the center of the city is a large tree stump, some one hundred feet high and still growing new branches and leaves. Inside this stump is the temple of Druids where druidic magic has been taught for centuries to those that are in tune enough with nature to learn it.

The Pandoria portal chamber is a large room, high up in one of the largest trees. It is a huge room, nearly the size of the Rathalon portal chamber. It is supported by several thick, wooden pillars that support the higher portions of the tree, and the floor of the chamber is worn smooth over centuries of foot traffic.

The portal chamber, portal to the Forest of Brume and other key locations around Pandoria are all guarded by a small, well trained fighting force that is comprised largely of druids.


The government in Pandoria is a monarchy where the ruling family, the Reyals family, has been in power since Pandoria was created after the great war. The Reyals family is well liked by the residents of Pandoria and it looks as though they will be in power there for many centuries to come.