Southern Wastes

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Name: Southern Wastes

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The southern Wastes is a cold, snowy expanse that rests between the Northern gate of Rathalon and the southern entrance to Talanor. The area is almost always covered in snow, although it does clear up a bit in the summer months. Snow storms are frequent but not constant and the region has several well maintained roads leading from Talanor to Rathalon and the surrounding areas, although if a traveler leaves the safety of the patrolled roads they are likely to run into some of the orcs that live in the numerous ruins and fallen structures of the area. There are a few families that live in homes near Rathalon where the guards can help keep their fields and livestock pens clear of orcs and other predators. The area is large, broad and largely flat and easy to traverse terrain.

The Southern Wastes is a sub-arctic region that stretches from Rathalon’s Northern gate northward and westward to the Gelid Mountains on two sides. Along the northern border lay the foot of Mount Tellamon and the southern entrance to the subterranean city of Talanor. The eastern border of the Southern Wastes slowly transitions the environment back into a more temperate climate with regular seasonal changes where most of Rathalon’s farm land is laid out. Along the southeast boarder of the Southern Wastes stands the massive Lich King’s Gate, doorway to the dark side of Kalijor.

Features/Places of Note

Most of the Southern Wastes is a barren, inhospitable, frosty land that is constantly covered in snow and ice and frequented by long, frigid, snow storms. Every once in a while the snow will get bad enough that visibility is reduced to near zero and temperatures drop well below the threshold of most sentient’s tolerance.

The Southern Wastes play host to numerous tribes of orcs, many of which live in the colder areas in the ruins of old human buildings and settlements. Some tribes live in the lightly forested areas of the more temperate southern portion of the area but all of the orcs are a menace to travelers, striking from the shadows or depths of a blizzard to take what they want and fade away again.

A few families live along the southern edge of the Southern Wastes, where they are within a stone’s throw of the defensive wall that surrounds Rathalon and guards are not too far away from them if they need assistance.

The farm lands to the southeast are well patrolled by the Rathalon Guard as it is the primary source of Rathalon’s agriculture and livestock.