Magic Academy

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Name: Magic Academy

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The Magic Academy is the paragon of higher learning for mages in Kalijor. The structure itself is something of a curiosity. A two-hundred foot high monolith of solid stone set in a small clearing in the western Forest of Brume, it has one door at it’s base and can be walked around in less than a minute. Once you open the door the curiosity of the structure becomes apparent, as the interior is substantially larger than the exterior. Inside the monolith is a school that houses no only the classrooms but the dormitories, laboratories, kitchen facilities, libraries, and housing for staff and instructors.

The Magic Academy is a city unto itself, housing thousands of students and instructors on a daily basis. The academy has most of its day to day operations handled by the students themselves, things like cleaning and maintenance. They have a dedicated cooking staff but the students perform all of the clean-up tasks. While it is certainly possible to become an adept mage without attending the academy, there is no better place to receive a first rate education in the arts.

The Magic Academy is also home to the largest and most well maintained library in Kalijor, their great library is at least ten times the size of the Rathalon stacks and their librarians have a magical link with their tomes that allows them to instantly divine the location of a book based on author, subject, or even specific content. There is also a restricted section to the great library that is the home for any and all tomes that are deemed to be of sufficiently advanced or questionable power. In order to enter the restricted stacks it is first necessary to speak with the arch magus of the academy and obtain their special written permission to do so.

The normal enrollment period at the Academy is ten years from start to finish and includes six years of study in the basic arts and then anther four years of study in the student’s area of specialization. After this ten year period most students head out into the world to seek their fortunes, but some will stay on and learn much more advanced magics or even join the staff and take on students of their own.

Features/Places of Note

The Magic Academy exists in Kalijor as a large monolith on the western edge of the world, facing the Endless Ocean. The monolith is approximately fifty feet on a side and has a square base with a single large door on its north face.

Inside the monolith is an enormous facility that is home at any given time to nearly five-thousand individuals. It is the home of most of the more powerful mages in Kalijor as well as the largest repository of written knowledge in the world.

As its name implies, the Magic Academy is where most mages and people who utilize magical incantations study their arts. This includes spell-swords as well, although their tenure is usually very short.

Admittance to the Magic Academy requires that individuals are attuned to the doorways. A process that can only be performed by one of the resident mages. Arrivals to the portal chamber will encounter a locked door similar to that in Cohai, however the residents are much quicker to respond.

The Academy is broken down into several levels, each of which requires a different level/type of attunement to be accessed, this allows people to be permitted entry to certain specific areas and kept out of others.

The academy library, known throughout Kalijor as ‘the great library’ is also divided into several levels, all on the upper floors of the academy and the content becomes more and more sensitive as one climbs higher in the academy, with the topmost level being restricted to all but a handful of individuals in the entire world.

The Magic Academy is guarded on every level and at every entrance/exit by extremely powerful Mages and Spell-Swords that will not hesitate to enforce order should issues arise.