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Name: Onoba

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Onoba is the name given to the home of the Obscuri. While the Obscuri themselves are beyond such things as names, no attempt has been made to discourage the use of this name and so it has become the common name of their place of residence. Onoba is a city that has been molded into the interior of the peaks of the Uraval Mountains . The caves are composed of obsidian, basalt, black marble and granite, and cobalt among other dense, darkly colored materials. To a normal person the walls, floors, ceilings, doors, in fact every surface in the city appears to be black, making navigation extremely difficult if not impossible, and discerning fine details is equally as difficult as it is challenging to see where one surface stops and another begins. To the Obscuri however, the city is a cacophony of colors and textures. With their senses having been altered by their association with primal forces, and centuries spent living in the dark caves, they had become able to see the myriad of differences within these materials.

In terms of population and land area, Onoba is similar to Pandoria, playing host to around five-hundred thousand residents and encompassing more than fifty square miles of area overall.

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