Northern Wastes

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Name: Northern Wastes

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The Northern wastes is a region of snowy land nestled in a hollow depression on the west side of Mount Telemon. The hollow is surrounded on all sides by impassible mountains, making the only easy access to the Northern Wastes through the city of Talanor. The region is frigid cold, and under constant cover of blizzard. The terrain is rocky and difficult to navigate, especially with the low visibility conditions created by the constant snow. The region plays host to all manner of animals and creatures including elk, large hunting cats, and great white bears. The deeper one travels into the region the more aggressive the creatures become. In the center of the Northern Wastes is a large mound topped with one of the five ziggurats of Kalijor that are reputed to be the resting place of ancient Obscuri artifacts created before the wars. On the mound, surrounding the ziggurat a clan of giants has taken up residence, their thick skins protecting them from the cold and their unpleasant attitudes keeping the place clear travelers.

The Northern Wastes is a frigid, inhospitable region that lay in a large depression in the Gelid Mountains, northwest of Mount Tellamon. This region is constantly under the cloud of winter and its temperatures rarely rise above about ten degrees below zero Celsius.

There are near-constant blizzard conditions here and a traveler can rarely see more than twenty feet ahead of themselves.

Features/Places of Note

Animals here include a few elk, wolves, and some large hunting cats and bears in addition to some small rodents.

As one moves deeper into the area there is a strange rock formation that is extremely large and stepped as it rises out of the ground like a massive pyramid. It would be extremely difficult to ascend under the best of circumstances but here it is an exercise in insanity. Partially due to the weather, but the futility of the act is reinforced by the giants that prowl the strange structure. Rumors have it that there may be an ancient temple of some sort at the top of the formation, although no one has been able to confirm this as no one is known to have ever returned from an ascent up the formation.