Loch Moore

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Name: Loch Moore

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Loch Moore is a small frontier town on the edge of the Burning Expanse. Its people are mostly simple farmers and live stock handlers, with a few artisans having taken up residence as the town becomes more and more popular among wayward adventurers on their way into the Burning Expanse in search of fortune and glory. The government of Loch Moore is simple, made up of a council of residents that meet on a monthly basis to decide any matters of importance. There are indications that this small town may experience a growth spurt in the near future as it becomes more and more the gateway to the sweltering lands to the south.

Loch Moore is an up-and-coming frontier town that sits on the rather harsh dividing line between the Southern Plain of Serenity and the Burning Expanse. The town is constructed mostly of wood and thatch and is small and mostly pleasant.

Residents number into the thousands now although the population can fluctuate to as high as ten to fifteen thousand people depending upon what is happening south of the city in the expanse.

Features/Places of Note

Loch Moore is home to several reasonable craftsmen that are capable of performing most basic weapon and armor repairs, provide good, hearty meals and rations and several of life’s niceties, such as warm baths and clean beds.

While it is by no means a city on par with Rathalon or Talanor it is still a good place to find the basics that you might need on the spot before heading out to seek your fortune.

Loch Moore is not on the Kalijor portal network, and is at least a few days travel from the nearest city which is Avian, and that is if you have a fast mount. On foot it could take nearly two weeks to make the journey, although occasionally one can find a griffon for hire in Avian that will haul you to Loch Moore for a hefty fee.

Loch Moore plays host to several inns, numerous taverns, more than one brothel, several smiths and leather workers, provisioners, and it is rumored that one of the largest gathering places for the assassin’s guild is somewhere within the limits of this small city.